Create Your Private Retreat Using Garden Furniture

Enjoying the beauty of nature is one of life’s simple pleasures, especially when you are fortunate enough to have a garden around your home. You can reflect in comfort by using garden furniture; there are many design styles available in different materials such as natural wood, bamboo, rattan or cane, aluminum, plastic, cast iron and wicker.

It is a proven fact that a green environment can provide you with many therapeutic health benefits; trees, plants and flowers offer a soothing balm to the spirit mind and body. You can choose garden furniture as an extension of the decorating theme used inside your home or create a totally different atmosphere for outdoor living.

The first garden furniture used by the Egyptians was functional and gardens were extremely popular, playing a significant role in their lives. To them as much as it is to us in modern times, the garden symbolized the order of life on earth. Contrary to belief that garden houses are a modern idea, the ancients were enjoying this alternative way of outdoor living centuries before us.

The people of England in the eighteenth century also fell under the magical spell of creating enclosed parks and the distinctive garden furniture design, such as the “Windsor” chair that has become so much a part of our lives. Indeed, the distinction between indoors and outdoors became blurred by the creation of garden rooms which emulated the design of an English sitting room.

It was this movement of indoor furniture onto the lawns of English homes that we see depicted as garden furniture in many paintings of this period with an assortment of mahogany tea tables, long benches, and Windsor chairs as the backdrop of society in formal poses.

Today in addition to the simple bench and table, you will find a vast array of items that make fresh air entertaining as convenient and enjoyable as when you entertain inside your home from settees, ottomans, hammocks, to tables with umbrellas, deck chair, shares and swings.

When you complete your daily activities, give yourself the opportunity to “stop and smell the roses” by taking pleasure in nature at your leisure. Imagine yourself relaxing on a well manicured lawn in a comfortable deck chair with floral pattern cushions that add color and charm to your environment or picture yourself entertaining friends outside on a balmy afternoon or evening around a beautifully designed set of wooden table and chairs.

It is our connection with nature that has made crafting beautiful enclosed private spaces and the selection of garden furniture as much of what makes a house a home as your indoor furnishings. Whether large or small, it can be your refuge from world.

If your garden is large enough to have colorful, flowering plants, a cast iron garden furniture setting adds the presence of strength and fluid grace to complement this softness. When you are in need of stress relief, what could be better than relaxing amidst the fragrance of flowers; this is the original aromatherapy.

Today’s garden furniture can be a lovely addition to your home whether you choose the airy, delicate design of wicker, comfortably strong teak wood or the curvaceous lines of bamboo, cane or rattan, you will be able to relax even when you are shopping; there are designs to fit every budget.